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Mileydith Ortiz Culley (she/her) is the Chief Operating Officer, where she is responsible for managing project deliverables, supporting client needs, and overseeing operations and process improvement. Mileydith brings 20 years of experience managing complex projects and teams within corporations, institutions of higher education, and public independent school districts. Mileydith is a skillful, resourceful project manager with rooted experience in lean project management; her passion lies in streamlining efficiencies and innovating process improvement.


Mileydith recently worked with a large school district to assist two elementary schools in designing key strategies for implementing local and state exams. Previously Mileydith has served as: a Financial Aid Director for a for-profit post-secondary institution; Assistant Director of Scholarships and Grants at The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina; Assistant Regional Director for the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency; and Operations Manager for the Army and Airforce Exchange Services. She has a Master of Science in Leadership and Business Ethics from Duquesne University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from New Jersey City University. Mileydith is bilingual, with speaking and writing fluency in Spanish and English.

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